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I experienced a remarkable turn around in my career. I started out as an average medical student, graduated and passed my boards, and went on to start as an average intern. But once I started, I felt the intense responsibility of being a physician like I had never experienced before. Suddenly, I understood that being average was not acceptable… not when I have people’s health, security, trust, and, in some cases, lives to account for.

So, initially, I compensated for being average and feeling this weight of responsibility by arriving extra early, staying extra late, working extra hard on presentations, etc… all the while sacrificing my health, my relationships, my hobbies, etc. I was burning out… quickly. In fact, I started carrying out plans to leave medicine altogether.

Fast forward to 1 year and 6 months later… I was awarded Resident of the Year. After that, I was asked to be Chief Resident.

So, how did it happen?

That’s the point… Covering that story and translating it into your success in your training is the mission of RookieDoctor.com. There is simply too much burnout in medical and surgical training. Too many good people are leaving these professions – many leave physically by changing careers altogether. But there are too many that leave emotionally… They’re burned out. Don’t become one of them.

Dr. Tori