Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC is a Maryland-based company. RookieDoctor.com is a series of products and services owned entirely by Wisdom Booth Publishing. This “Disclosures” document is drafted in the spirit of transparency… basically so you know how we make money and where there are potential sources of bias. That being said, all bias does not come from financial reward – nor does all financial reward impart bias. So here’s the information… think about it what you will. And feel free to ask questions.

Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC, RookieDoctor.com, and Dr. Tori receive monies collected from the following:

  • Membership dues for Rookie Doctor sites
  • Sales of Rookie Doctor products and services, and
  • Affiliate commissions from some sites such as Amazon.com, Cafepress.com, CommissionJunction.com, and others.

Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC, RookieDoctor.com, and Dr. Tori do not have any financial relationship with any pharmaceutical companies whatsoever. Nor are they affiliated with any local, state, federal, or international government body, government department, or political party.