2 Tips from the Past for Your Future in Medicine

I am usually all about tech.  I love taking advantage of some of the latest developments in gadgets and software to help me to be more productive.

HOWEVER… as I look back at what has made me the most successful, it had very little to do with technology.

Instead, it came down to a few factors, qualities, and small behaviors… something anyone can do.

Here are 2 retro… old-school… oldies-but-goodies tips that you can start implementing right now.  They don’t require buying any new gadgets or software.  They don’t require any extra time.  AND, they are so simple that they fly waaaay under the radar.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you.  The impact is profound.

Check out this video:

2 Simple Tips with Massive Impact

(At the end of this video, I mention something for sale… you can ignore that if you want.  I think I mention it around the 7 minute, 20 seconds mark.  Feel free to stop the video at that point,  BUT pay close attention to the advice leading up to that point)