Are Seduction Artists, Cult Leaders and Con Men Your Secret To A Successful Career In Medicine?

How are you going to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Do you think you can do that by being the most-likely-to-regurgitate Harrison’s or Sabiston’s word-for-word? Probably not.

Watch this video and see if I can change your perspective a little bit (or maybe even flip your world upside down).

If pickup artists can get people to part with intimacy… And if con men can get people to part with their money… Then why are we having such a hard time helping people make healthy decisions?

Establishing rapport and trust does not take more time. (Neither pickup artists nor con men want to waste their time on their targets)

And being good at establishing rapport and trust is not something innate. It is learned and it is practiced. (Most people enter the pickup artist community because they lack social skills, not because they are already exceptional at them.)

So what about you? Are you willing to take some extra effort and to be a little more mindful in your interactions with patients, families, nurses, social workers, etc? You should be. It’s the key to a happier, more successful career.