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#MedEd Tips for Using Google Glass

Google Glass has the power to be an amazing tool for your education. If you have it, here are a couple tips for you to use it in your training.

Please be extra extra super cautious about privacy for those around you, though… especially patients. And make sure you know the policies of your institution regarding recording video, audio, pictures, etc. This is serious stuff.

But ultra-powerful too. Check out this video:

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By the way… you will notice that RookieDoc videos are no longer being posted under the RookieDoc YouTube channel. Instead, I am posting through the +EdTori channel now. This allows me to integrate YouTube, Google+ and Google Glass better (to bring you more value in more ways). Follow me on Google+ at +EdTori and on Twitter @DrEdTori

Hack Your Medical Career – Advice From Code-A-Palooza

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Are Seduction Artists, Cult Leaders and Con Men Your Secret To A Successful Career In Medicine?

How are you going to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Do you think you can do that by being the most-likely-to-regurgitate Harrison’s or Sabiston’s word-for-word? Probably not.

Watch this video and see if I can change your perspective a little bit (or maybe even flip your world upside down).

If pickup artists can get people to part with intimacy… And if con men can get people to part with their money… Then why are we having such a hard time helping people make healthy decisions?

Establishing rapport and trust does not take more time. (Neither pickup artists nor con men want to waste their time on their targets)

And being good at establishing rapport and trust is not something innate. It is learned and it is practiced. (Most people enter the pickup artist community because they lack social skills, not because they are already exceptional at them.)

So what about you? Are you willing to take some extra effort and to be a little more mindful in your interactions with patients, families, nurses, social workers, etc? You should be. It’s the key to a happier, more successful career.

Teaching Rounds At A Whole New Level

If you’re a medical student, an intern, a resident or a fellow, then you can skyrocket your learning and your Boards preparation without adding time to what you do already.

You already go on rounds with your attending. You already attend conferences, classes, and morning report. You already go to Grand Rounds. And you might already go to Boards prep courses.

Well, check this out… with one tweak, your learning experience can go from okay to phenomenal.

If you want to get this amazing pen, you can order it from Amazon.

If you are an institution (a medical school, a residency program, etc) and you would like to learn more about how this concept can help your organization go from good to completely awesome, then go to

By the way, if you haven’t seen the changes yet:

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Patients’ Advice to Med Students, Interns, Residents, & Physicians, in general

Several times a month, I receive emails from patients and nurses thanking me for some of the videos I post with tips for medical students, interns, and residents. Well, recently, I received a moving message from a patient via my YouTube inbox. And she gave me a direct call-to-action to create a means for patients to offer advice from their perspective.

Well, this is the first step in that process. If you are a nurse, a patient, a caregiver, or really anyone who comes in contact with physicians, this is your opportunity to offer some advice. Over time, depending on the response, I will make this into a more robust, far-reaching project. I will select the best of them and redistribute them.

A word of caution… This is for sincere advice only. This is not a mouthpiece for attacking specific individuals, the healthcare industry or for lumping people into groups and labeling them. (There’s plenty of that in the news media) This is for sincere advice from one human to another.

How To Insert Central Lines – A Collection of Resources

Central Lines for Medical Students, Interns, & Residents

Central Lines for Medical Students, Interns, & Residents

Placing central lines can be a pretty stressful part of medical school, internship, and residency… especially early on. Well, I’ve collected a bunch of videos and PDF files that you might find useful as you prepare for putting lines in yourself.

Let me know what you think of it.

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The Doctor-Patient Relationship – Important Advice for Med Students and Interns

Here’s another one of those internship tips videos for medical students, interns, and residents. Check it out… This one’s about the doctor-patient relationship:

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Medical & Surgical Internship – How Being a “Rookie” Might Help

One of my close friends objected to the term “rookie” in the name for this site. Here’s a short video about how taking the perspective of a rookie could help you in your medical school, internship and residency training. Check it out:

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Quick Tips for Med Students, Interns, & Residents

I just started posting a whole bunch of video pearls and tips for your training on various video sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc). Here’s the first tip. It’s under 2 minutes… check it out.

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Number 1 Tip for a Successful Internship

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Well, when this mentor pulled me aside, she gave me a new perspective on things. So, it was better than an individual tip or a single pearl… She gave me a strategy. And I’m giving that same perspective, that same strategy, that same insight today. Here’s the link:

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