A Good Bedside Manner Goes a Long Way

Having an excellent bedside manner is ultra important. If you master having a good bedside manner, you stand to make your patient feel better, potentially heal quicker, and certainly complain less. Your patient will trust you more, and you’ll be able to extract a better history.

If you have a good bedside manner, your patient will tell other people. Your patient’s nurse will tell other people. And guess what? It will absolutely impact how your attending evaluates you.

You will be sued less, get paged less, and be respected more.

And it is so simple to start. Here are three quick tips from the Rookie Doc Squidoo lens:

1 – While sitting a patient up to listen to their lungs, just say, “Hey. While I have you up, let me flip your pillow to the cool side.”

2 – When you plan to order some medications, don’t just tell them you’re ordering them. Explain that it will take a little while for them to come up from the pharmacy.

3 – When you’re all done in the room, put things back the way you found them. Put the call bell in reach, move the phone closer, and, if their allowed to eat/drink, move their tray closer to them.

There are many, many more little things you can do listed at the Rookie Doc Membership Site.