After Skepticism, Rookie Doc “Tweets”

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At first, I was skeptical. Something inside of me said that sending only very small ‘tweets’ of information would be useless and distracting. But after hearing about a bunch of people I respect using Twitter, I looked into it a little more – a lot more actually.

I found that by reading my friends’ ‘tweets’ about what they were doing, I learned some things about them that I didn’t know before – even though we were friends. Actually, I’ve hit some of them up for advice in those areas after learning their interest in them. Twitter is like text messaging on steroids.

So, I decided to do it for Rather than wait until there is a collection of good links or a bunch of useful articles before sending a RookieDoc FAQ or making a new RookieDoc PDF report, I can just tweet them, as I find them.

Likewise, if you find something you think other med students, interns, or residents might find useful, you can ‘tweet’ me directly. Go check out Twitter now and look it over. If you happen to sign up, then start “following” me (RookieDoc) and send me a personal message to let me know you’re on board.

Be cautious about what you put out there though. As a physician, the world holds you to a different standard – sometimes rightfully so, sometimes not. Certainly, you should never, ever put patient information or even institution information online in any way… not a web page, not a blog, and not Twitter.

If it’s not something you would shout across a crowded room, then don’t even think of putting it out there. It will come back and bite you.

Go ahead… tweet me 🙂 Rookie Doc on Twitter