Audio Tips for Family & Friends of Interns & Residents

Okay, I just spent almost the entire day putting some finishing touches on something that will really help you out… but indirectly.

It’s really cool, but in a way, it’s sad that I had to do it.

The fact is that because of your career path, and because of the current stage in that path, your relationships are in for a change – a shake-up. You are going to face stress from angles you never really thought of. Although it is all manageable, it is not easy. And unfortunately, our family and friends are usually the ones that bear the brunt of it.

So, I created tips and strategies for them – for your friends and family. No charge, no gimmick, no catch.

Very simple… They sign up with their name and email. Then every so often, I send them a little message – audio and written – only a few minutes long – but full of great info and ideas for maintaining your relationships (and sanity).

They can sign up here:


Or, better yet, send them to the main site, to the Family & Friends section. Here’s the direct link: Audio Tips for Loved Ones and Friends of Interns and Residents.