Patients’ Advice to Med Students, Interns, Residents, & Physicians, in general

Several times a month, I receive emails from patients and nurses thanking me for some of the videos I post with tips for medical students, interns, and residents. Well, recently, I received a moving message from a patient via my YouTube inbox. And she gave me a direct call-to-action to create a means for patients to offer advice from their perspective.

Well, this is the first step in that process. If you are a nurse, a patient, a caregiver, or really anyone who comes in contact with physicians, this is your opportunity to offer some advice. Over time, depending on the response, I will make this into a more robust, far-reaching project. I will select the best of them and redistribute them.

A word of caution… This is for sincere advice only. This is not a mouthpiece for attacking specific individuals, the healthcare industry or for lumping people into groups and labeling them. (There’s plenty of that in the news media) This is for sincere advice from one human to another.