Skills New Doctors Must Master Early in Training

Just posted a very short article/top-ten-list about things you should focus on early in your training. They’re not necessarily in order.

Read this document on Scribd: Skills New Doctors Must Master Early’s RookieDoc Skills New Docs Must Master Early in Their Training © Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC.. All rights reserved. Skills New Docs Must Master Early in Their Training During the time you have in your 4th year of medical school, internship, and residency you have an opportunity. Now most people will tell you how horrible this time can be and will offer tips on how to “survive.” Not so with… it’s about success and mastery. And your training from 4th year through residency is an important time for developing good habits and practices. If done right, you can have patients singing your praises, awesome evaluations from attendings, more efficiency, more time with friends and family, fewer lawsuits, less workload, and improved patient safety. Good habits form now… but so do bad ones. Learn to master these things below, and you’ll be off to a great start. 1. Reading chest x-rays 2. Reading ECGs 3. Reading ABGs 4. Recognizing trends 5. Consider all eyes when documenting 6. Bedside manner 7. Communication (with other doctors, nurses, patients, patients’ families, administration, etc.) 8. Different presentation types (to attendings, to consultants, to patients, to families, for morning report, for M&M, etc) 9. How to optimize a consult 10.How to prioritize patients and work Learn more at and RookieD © Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved. sK oc Other RookieDoctor Resources Articles • 21 Ways to Improve Your Documentation • Frustrations Every Intern & Resident Will Face On-Call – and what to do about them • Time Management Myths & Tips for Interns & Residents • 10 Alternatives to Placing a Central Line • Book reviews • ….and much more Core Training Videos • Intern Survival Skills • On-Call Tips • Getting Fewer Calls • Dictation Tips • Board Preparation • Documentation Skills • Prescription Writing • Public Speaking & Presentations Handheld Resources MindMaps Image Libraries Clinical Case Studies Templates, Checklists, Lists, and Spreadsheets • Getting Out of Debt for Interns & Residents • Income & Balance Sheets • Alternative Careers for Docs • CV templates • Personal statement templates Non-Clinical Case Studies • Resident evaluations • Job search • Moonlighting • Jokes Gone Bad • Risk management & lawsuits • Documentation Ways for You to Stand Out • Physical Exam Findings Your Attendings Are Clueless About • Progress note templates The fact is, you don’t need this stuff. Medical & surgical training has done just fine for a long time without But for under a dollar a day, why not skip learning the hard way? © Wisdom Booth Publishing, LLC.. All rights reserved.