Dining Out On A Budget? – You Need This App

Dining Out on a Budget? Billr is the best app for splitting the billOK, you’re in medical school or internship or residency, so you’re most likely deeply in debt or earning a small salary or both. Most financial books and advice would say that you have no business dining out… that it’s financially unwise. And that it is.

But let’s face it. Your work days are also long and the time you have to grab something to eat is short. And at times you want to go out with your friends and colleagues. Fine. We all do.

But then there’s that slightly awkward moment where you get the bill. No one at the table is really in a position to buy food for everybody (and if they are, they probably don’t want to).

Well, here’s an app that solves that problem… and in an elegant way. Billr – hands down the best app for splitting bills when dining out.