RookieDoc Signup Announcement Hits Mainstream News :)

Most people know that the RookieDoc Membership site goes live on Monday, but this is ridiculous 🙂 Some people just have no clue about the power of the internet. This announcement about the sign-up for the RookieDoc membership site has gone way too far… Check it out…

Get yourself on the priority standby list. The signup for Exclusive Members Area will be opened up to this list a full day before everyone else.

Why should you care?… Because there are some amazing bonuses that will be first-come-first-serve. Sign-up for the standby list now…


After you sign-up for the standby list, you’ll be redirected to some of the pre-release videos (in case you haven’t seen them yet). And in the meantime, you will get an email asking you if you really want to be on the standby list. You must click the link in that email to be included.