RookieDoc Radiology Rounds – Quick Reference Review

RookieDoc Radiology Rounds

As most of you know, RookieDoc Radiology Rounds usually focuses on actual radiographic studies – like reading chest x-rays, abdominal films, head CTs, chest CTs, and other bread-and-butter studies that are ultra-important for your training.

Well, this time, rather than focusing on reading studies, I made a quick video (a little over 5 minutes) that goes through choosing the right studies. Click on the video image below to get started. (And I apologize ahead of time, I was pretty sick when I was making the video… my hair is schlepped, my eyes have bags under them, and I wasn’t my cheery self. Anyway, hope you like it.)

Click Here to Watch a Video on Choosing Radiology Studies

If you found this video useful, you should see the RookieDoc Radiology Rounds videos available to members.

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