Personal Statement & CV Review – Twitter Only

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OK, now that we’re in the thick of the residency application season and people are gearing up for their residency interviews, has a Twitter-Only special. Here’s how it works…

If you’re not on Twitter, sign up… it’s free and it’s cool. You can read more about it at my first blog post about Twitter. Once you sign up, follow RookieDoc.

Then just send me a direct message through Twitter. Just type a letter “d” in the Twitter message box, followed by my user name “RookieDoc”. Then type your message and send it.

Your message should look something like this:

d RookieDoc Sign me up for the personal statement review.

If you are one of the first 5 to respond, I’ll send you a direct message notifying you of the next step (how to get your CV and/or personal statement to me, etc). All of this is free, of course, but for the first five only. Go to and sign up now.