RookieDoc Services Getting An Overhaul

Do You Know How Many People Are Looking At Your Documentation?

Major changes are coming to the Membership area & other RookieDoc services.

I am making it even better, of course. And in a few more days, depending how long it takes, I’ll have a special surprise that you won’t want to miss.

But here’s the thing… I can use your help. In order to make sure that I cover all of the bases, I made an ultra-quick 2+ question survey. It basically just asks for the kind of thing you think absolutely MUST be taught/given/answered.

Here’s the link to those questions:

==> 2+ Questions For You To Answer <==

Oh… And if you’re not on the Priority Notification List, you might want to get on it. Some of the stuff coming out will be limited in quantity… You’ll want to know early. Judging by the response to RookieDoc stuff lately, I’m sure this stuff gonna go fast.