Residency Interview Questions – What You’ll Be Asked

If you are a medical student or an IMG preparing for your residency interview, don’t waste your time on forums and blogs that give you a huge list of questions people were asked. When it comes to residency interview questions, sometimes too much information is worse than not enough. Long lists of rare questions can distract you from the highest-yield interview questions you should focus on.

Are there times where you will be asked a medical question? Sure… some residency programs ask medical questions during the interview… Some surgical residency programs ask about specific surgical techniques. But what are you going to do? Read Harrison’s before the interview?! Read Sabiston’s?! Of course not.

Relax… be yourself… and be familiar with the highest-yield residency interview questions like the ones covered in this video:

If you could sit down with me and ask me any question about your residency interviews, what would it be?

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