Awesome Videos Coming for New Interns & Residents

Okay, I’m starting to get psyched. I’m teaching a couple of classes at a residency program in Maryland next week and the following week. Since I’ve already prepared material and tweaked the last class’ material, I’ve decided to make a bunch of cool videos.

As I make these videos, I’m including a ton of stuff I wish I had been told (or that I wish I had been told earlier in my internship or even 4th year of medical school). I just have to improve the audio quality and put some finishing touches on PDF downloads that go with the videos.

To get ready for the release of the videos, MP3s, and PDFs you can do two things…

  1. Go to the RookieDoc Survey and ask me any questions you have (maybe I’ll be able to include some answers right there in the videos)
  2. Go to and sign up there after watching that first (choppy, somewhat-hard-to-hear) video. If you’re on that list, you’ll get early announcements about the materials as they come out (Plus Residency Startup Checklists, How to Choose a Call Room, and 23 Must Know Tips for Interns & Residents)