To prevent this stress and burnout from taking over, this blog ( will bring you

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If you’re happy and love the training process 100% of the time, good for you. Then your job is to post comments that might be helpful to others. If you’re disgusted and hate your current career path 100% of the time, this blog is not for you. You need a more calculated strategy – perhaps through family, perhaps through your program director, perhaps through counseling, or just a career change – just don’t go it alone in cyberspace.

If you’re between 100% satisfied and 100% dissatisfied, welcome to I’m developing a ton of content that will give you the pearls, the tips, and the strategies you need to succeed. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… it’s better than Cats. And, hopefully, you’ll have a ton of Ah-Ha! moments.

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(Of course, every person, institution, and most business names have been/will be altered in my posts for their privacy – and to protect me from lawsuits 🙂 Also, although you may find advice relating to finances, career, law, life, love, and the pursuit of happiness… I am not an attorney. I am not an accountant. I am not a financial planner. I am not a counselor. That being the case, you should consult a professional who is familiar with your situation before acting on anything said in this blog. These are my opinions and generalizations and they may or may not apply in specific situations. Also, I reserve the right to change my opinion. And as for medical advice… Yes, I am a doctor, but I have not examined you, asked you your history, reviewed your meds, etc. You should not take my advice regarding your health/disease, Period. You should see your own physician.)