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First, my apologies…

I need to apologize for the brief blog post hiatus. My daughter’s basketball team is in local championship game, I’ve been ultra-busy opening a new unit at the hospital, and I’m planning a trip to San Diego… plus my wife is pretty far along (pregnant) with number 5. But, in the midst of all of that, I’ve been working on several awesome things for the site…

  • The next video for Fiscal Therapy Rounds is about something I call, “The Doctor Tax”. Basically it covers why prices are inflated for doctors and how to resist it. I’ll try to post it in the next day or so.
  • I recently finished an awesome interview with a co-author of the book Write Your Way to a Residency Match and I’m preparing a surprise for members before releasing the interview. It’s chock full of great information, so you won’t want to miss this. It applies to residency and fellowship applications. Awesome stuff. (RookieDoc Members: don’t buy this book yet. Trust me. The surprise I’m going to offer you with this book is worth the wait. I just need to get approval first.)
  • Next week, I am conducting more interviews for you. The interview I am most excited about is actually with a VP from a malpractice company that is run by doctors. It’s one thing to learn how to do stuff right the first time… but when you hear how some people go wrong… you’ll never forget it.
  • I’ve received a massive influx of questions in the Ask RookieDoc question section. Be patient with me as I try to get to them. I’ve already emailed a couple of you directly. But the other questions are going to be answered in one of two ways – (a) in the next FAQ call (more info coming soon), or (b) in upcoming videos. (see the next bullet)
  • Residency Horror Stories. Although she may not know it, a RookieDoc member (Trish) answered a survey question about the Pager Module that sparked a whole new line of RookieDoc videos. They’re not just horror stories… they are real-life stories from med school, internship, and residency, that have important lessons for your training. Be on the lookout for these. They’re going to be priceless. Thanks Trish 🙂

Got any other ideas, questions or needs? Let me know. Post a comment below, or just ask.