How My Driveway Could Impact Your Internship

Mystery Internship Gift Coming Soon

Internship and residency application season is in full swing. I’m gearing up to do interviews myself, in fact. And I’ve been reading the med student forums, for some reason reliving the stress of it all. At the same time, I was getting excited and pumped for something I’m going to do this year…

Now this might sound strange on a blog dedicated to giving you tips, pearls, and strategies for your training… but I need to vent, sort of.

Today, I was all psyched because according to the USPS tracking numbers, your package was supposed to arrive at my house today. But it didn’t come, despite that whole web tracking thing saying that it would. It turns out that today’s the day that the county decided to install a new pipe in the creek/bridge that leads to my driveway…. meaning… that the mailman didn’t come today. Nor will he come tomorrow.

Why does this matter to you? Well, I’m testing something that will involve a bunch of people (you) getting something free from me in the mail… something perfect for 4th year med students and interns. But I can’t send it out to you until I review it to make sure it turned out okay.


You’ll just have to wait.

… more in the next few days.