IMG Questions About Internship Survival Skills CD

I’ve received several questions from IMGs about when the Internship Survival Skills Audio CD will be made available for international orders. Well, first of all, I do NOT recommend that you get it unless you are already in the states or are getting ready to start soon. Can this audio CD help you get into a residency program?

The answer is a big “YES, BUT…” It will only help if you are doing an observership in the US, if you are in an offshore med school and now doing 3rd/4th year clinical rotations in the US, or if you’ve been accepted to an internship coming up and you want to get ready. If you are an international grad and you fall into one of these categories, I think the Survival Skills Audio CD has the potential to help you immensely.

So, I’ve done a couple of things…

I have made the Survival Skills CD available for direct purchase – $27 (US and international orders).

And, I have re-opened the digital-only RookieDoc Membership portion (US and international orders).

Here’s a short intro video to show you some of the things that are part of membership. If it sounds interesting or useful, click the link below the video to find out more.

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The images of CDs, books, and DVDs in this video correspond to downloadable products.