New Membership Area for Medical Students and Interns – Take a Tour

If you’re a 3rd or 4th year medical student or a new intern, you must see this video. It takes you inside what could be the single most important resource for the clinical years of your training (outside of the rotations themselves). This membership is like having a Super Attending in your pocket.

Here’s a glimpse of an email from a RookieDoc graduate:

On my first rotation of my third week my attending told me she had never had an MS3 like me. She said that I was performing at the level of a PGY2. The last day of my third week of my third year I diagnosed a patient with a rare disease that all the attendings & residents missed. The patient is still alive he would have died within about 24 hours without intervention. I had the courage to state my opinion. Thanks Dr Tori!
– Trish – Miami, FL

Of course, I’m not saying this is what your results will be like when you join, but it does mean that it, at least deserves a sneak peek inside. So go ahead… Check it out: