May Need To Shut It Down For A While

This time of year is bittersweet for me.

Although it’s great that so many people are joining’s Exclusive Membership Program with such enthusiasm (and jitters about starting internship), it’s not so great because some people will have to be left out. I may have to close the membership program to new members, so that I can continue to concentrate on the existing members.

The questions and worries and concerns pick up around this time of year (for obvious reasons). For me that translates into more time with members.

Plus, as I write this, my wife’s contractions are 15 minutes apart (not sure if tonight’s the night for baby #5 or not, but I wanted to get this message out before that).

So here it is… Check out this video… If it looks like something you might be interested in, click the link below it. But do it now, while this is still available.

Click here right now to see what your RookieDoc Membership will do for you.

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The images of CDs, books, and DVDs in this video correspond to downloadable products.