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(FREE) Survival Skills for Internship and Residency

Most of you know that I’m not too fond of just “surviving” your residency. But, quite simply, I received way too many requests for a Residency Survival Skills module or workshop or “even just a lecture”. Well, here it is… RookieDoc’s Survival Skills for Interns and Residents. This is the big picture overview that will totally change your perspective on what happens during your training and why. And not only that, you’ll be shocked at the price. If you’re determined to be wildly successful in your career, your path starts here. In these RookieDoc materials, I give you the insights and tools to go way beyond survival… to success and mastery. Watch this video to learn THE number one piece of advice I received during my internship and then check out how you can get FREE access to the first part of the RookieDoc Membership area: Advice for Interns, Residents and Students  


(FREE) Ace Your Residency Interview

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During the common interview months, I will do my best to hold complimentary webinars on how you can ace your residency interview. You will learn:  

          • The Psychology of the Interviewer


          • 4 Things You Must Do


          • 3 Strategies for Optimizing Your Interview


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RookieDoc Membership


Modules with videos, audios, PDF reports, and tools delivered every week for crazy success during your training years – 4th year of medical school, internship, and residency. Watch this video and if it still sounds interesting, click on the link below it to learn more.


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RookieDoc’s Guiding Principles Lecture Excerpts Put To Music

If you’re a medical student, intern, or resident, RookieDoc’s Guiding Principles is your ultimate guidance system… Rather than a specific pearl of advice for a specific situation, these are deep concepts that will help you make the right choices for you when you confront things that are very specific and very unique to you.

Now, here’s what’s so awesome about this series… Originally posted as lectures & online videos in the members area, each Guiding Principle is now available as a remix… put to workout music. Listen to it while you drive, while you workout, etc. Your time is limited as it is, why not double-dip? Learn while on the go.

1 – Strengths

RookieDoctor Dr. Tori: RookieDoc

2 – Hard Work


RookieDoc’s Documentation Review



Do You Know How Many People Are Looking At Your Documentation?

Sorry, this offer closes frequently. New slots open up when others are done with the program.

Over 30 Videos, more than 30 Audios, Your Documents Reviewed, & A Personal Consultation With Dr. Tori About Your Documentation (and more)


See Your Notes As Others Do

Do you realize how many people read your progress notes, procedures notes, and H&P’s?

You should.

Do you realize that if your documentation stands out one way or the other great or mediocre – it will be talked about?

You should.

Well, wouldn’t you like to know who is discussing this stuff? What they’re looking for? And how it can impact your career?

When you sign up for RookieDoc’s Documentation Review & Analysis, here’s what you’ll get:

  • More than 30 videos…
  • More than 30 audio downloads…
  • Samples of others’ documentation – the good, the bad, and the ugly…
  • Personal review of your documentation by Dr. Tori with personalized tips just for you…
  • 4 amazing bonuses (and probably some unannounced bonuses along the way)…
  • And.. even private phone consultations with Dr. Tori about your documentation and training questions.

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