Stumble Upon Resources for your Training

stumble upon logoStumbleUpon is an awesome social bookmarking site that allows you to surf the net in an exciting way. Basically, you install a little plug-in into your browser that provides you with a “stumble” button. Whenever you click on it, you will be sent to a web site that either fits the categories you pre-selected as topics you are interested in, or you will be sent to a web site that your friends have flagged as interesting.

Why am I telling you this? Well, is on StumbleUpon. And as I go through sites that I think may be of interest to you for your training, I flag it. (I give it a “thumbs up.”) You can choose to “stumble” through the sites has given a thumbs up or you can go to RookieDoc’s StumbleUpon page and see which sites they are.

Also, if you happen to like one of the posts on this blog, you can give it a thumbs up by using the icon at the bottom of the post. You can also review it and post comments for other “stumblers”.

If you have any sites you think I should comment on or stumble, let me know. And if you join StumbleUpon, then tag me as a friend.